Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the questions we have been asked the most. If you have a question and don't see answer here, please email us at: LE Staff.
Please look for the answer to your question here BEFORE emailing us. It make take a day or two to respond, but we try to answer your questions within 24 hours. Thank you!

Do I get a discount for mentioning this site?

No. Sorry we DO NOT offer any discounts or specials for mentioning our site. Sometimes, clients will post a special only found on Leavenworth If this is done, we mention it in the ad.

How can I contact the LE staff?

Please visit our Contact Page for the appropriate email address.

Does Leavenworth Events handle lodging reservations?

No. Leavenworth Events does not handle any lodging reservations. Any lodging or restaurant reservations should be done according to the individual business' requirements. If you see an ad on Leavenworth Events website, there is a link to that business' site. You should visit the their site for more details. We do not have a list of available accommodations. If our sponsors supply us with any lodging information, we will post it to our blog.

Who writes the reviews?

All of the reviews, comments and feedback are written by guests who have stayed at the lodging entity mentioned in the review.

Do you pay for reviews?

We DO NOT compensate in any way for reviews submitted to Leavenworth Events. If a lodging entity compensated for a review submitted to us, we note that fact on the review.

Can I submit an anonymous review?

No, we do not accept any anonymous reviews, comments, or feedback. All fields on our reviews submission form are required with the exception of the "features" portion of the form.

Do you sell my email address?

No, we DO NOT sell any information provided to us by any submission to Leavenworth website. We do reserve the right to forward your review to the lodging entity you reviewed. Your email address will be included in the forward to the lodging entity.

Can I advertise on Leavenworth Events?

Yes, you can advertise on Leavenworth Events. If you wish to be on our ad list, you should contact our staff at: LE Staff

Does Leavenworth Events have a blog?

Yes, LE has a blog. You can find our blog at: Leavenworth Events Blog We post to our blog as often as possible. Our posts consist of News Flashes from local businesses, community events, website updates, ads and announcements from our sponsors.

Can I call you with my question?

No. Sorry, we do 99.9% of our business online. We prefer all communication in writing via email. It is easier and faster to handle email spam than telephone solicitors.

Is Leavenworth Events a city run website?

No, we are not a city run website or government site of any kind. Leavenworth is privately owned and opperated.

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